Page 12 - Spring Book 2020: Finding Peace in a Restless World
P. 12

Write a poem, sing a song,
Hug a child, right a wrong,
Dance at a wedding, toast old friends,
Solve someone’s problem, so anxiety ends.
Hike through the mountains, sail on the sea,
Soar over schoolyards, laugh full of glee.
Invent penicillin, restore many to health, Breathe, play, and love, immersed in life’s wealth. The birth of a baby, a full moon at night,
The joy of a family, with future so bright!
Yet mankind eternal can’t handle such peace, For throughout all history, we live with a beast, Green eyes and avarice, lurk ever in the dark, An outbreak of violence, a negative spark, Obsession with self, with nary a thought
For anyone else, as should have been taught. This behavior repulsive, a true horror to life, Destroying, annihilating – perpetual strife.
So talk to your children, be sure they deplore, Those moronic compulsions
Bruce Roberts
That bring about

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