Page 120 - Spring Book 2020: Finding Peace in a Restless World
P. 120

A cantankerous lot—
“Can’t you see I’m reading?
So bother me NOT!”
Change a tire?
Mow the lawn?
Change the baby? Clean the john?
Don’t ask me now,
For can’t you see,
I’m in the midst
Of Chapter Three!
Reading books,
A life-affirming addiction,
An educational experience, Whether real or fiction.
Each book is a gold mine,
Filled with life’s learning.
Sentence structure, vocabulary Knowledge a-churning.
To be caught up in a tale
Is to use your time glorious,
Whether serious, suspenseful,
Or completely uproarious!
So get off your phone,
Your lap top, television,
Forget social media,
A rewarding decision.
Just head for a library, Follow the signs,
You’ll soon feel better– Medicinal–for minds!
Bruce Roberts

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