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 Hollie Adamic
I have had an interest in cameras and "taking pictures" since childhood. In childhood my photographs were my collection of memories of my family, pets, friends, events, vacations, all things important to me. I still en- joy saving my memories, but since I retired in 2008, I have been honing my skills as a photographer through photography classes and workshops. I am constantly evolving. I especially enjoy street photography as well as wildlife, flowers, and landscape photography. I love photographing whatever captures my attention, what- ever calls out to me to be photographed, even if it’s a quiet whisper. I have exhibited my artwork in exhibi-
Over the years of building my career and raising a fam- ily, I got away from photography as a hobby. As we all do, I took many family and vacation photos and enjoyed this "point and shoot" type of photography.
Since retiring, I have found the joy of photography as a hobby again. Taking photos from a creative and tech- nical perspective. Shooting on manual, thinking about composition, lighting conditions, and other aspects, including subject matter.
My focus has been macro photography but, as I become more experienced and comfortable with my equipment, I am branching out to landscapes.
 At the young age of five, Tanaya would accompany her grandfather to his photography studio, taking charge of the camera whenever she could...Now at the age of thirteen...she is a lead photographer on the yearbook committee.
tions at PhotoCentral, Sun Gallery, Adobe Art Gallery, John O’Lague Galleria, San Leandro Art Association, Fremont Art Association, and the Alameda County Fair and have received various awards for my work. I also had the honor of having my photograph "Whale’s Tail" published in the July 2016 issue of Shutterbug Maga- zine.
Mary Aiu
Watching horses run freely is captivating, especially if they were just released from the confines of a stall. Strik- ing movements of agility and grace, but most of all, their joyful engagement to be free and move about at will is a sight I never tire of photographing. As they move about, each displaying their own unique flair, I feel like I am watching a dancer, with the arena becoming their stage. With the aid of the computer, I can transport these im- ages to a stage of my creation, blending the imagery with the imagined that’s inspired by their being setting them free once again.
Anne Ambrose
I have been interested in photography since I was in high school, where I worked on the newspaper, taking photographs of the various events held by the school. I learned darkroom processes and developed my own film and pictures. I have watched photography evolve from film to digital.
Raj Anand
Raj Anand began his first creative foray in 2010 as a writer for prominent Hip-Hop publication, The Smok- ing Section. What started as only writing about music quickly spilled over into all kinds of mediums, including podcasting, stand-up comedy, and of course - photog- raphy. Raj had a camera for over a decade, but didn’t fall into the black hole of photography until 2016. Since then, he’s focused on combining his experience in writ- ing and photography to create unique sets of images, paired with written words. He’s been documenting his life through his lenses and enjoys capturing images of travel, music, wildlife, and the friends & family around him. Raj’s work can be found in books, galleries, and private collections.
David Bacon
David Bacon is a writer and photojournalist based in Oakland and Berkeley, California. He is an associate editor at Pacific News Service, and writes for TruthOut, The Nation, The American Prospect, The Progressive, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has been a report- er and documentary photographer for 18 years. He has exhibited his work internationally. He hosts a half-hour weekly radio show on labor, immigration, and the glob- al economy on KPFA-FM, and is a frequent guest on KQED-TV’s This Week in Northern California.
– Tanaya Barrett

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