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 For twenty years, Bacon was a labor organizer for unions in which immigrant workers made up a large percentage of the membership. Those experiences gave him a unique insight into changing conditions in the workforce, the impact of the global economy and migration, and how these factors influence the struggle for worker’s rights. He is published widely. U.C. Press published his book In the Fields of the North in 2017 with photographs accompanied by moving oral narra- tives –translated into both English and Spanish taking viewers into the world of migrant farmworkers.
Tanaya Barrett
At the young age of five, Tanaya would accompany her grandfather to his photography studio, taking charge of the camera whenever she could. Tanaya photographs animals, people, and objects. Tanaya is comfortable using software such as Lightroom and Photoshop to en- hance her photos.
Now at the age of thirteen, she is an honor roll student, and her favorite class is P.E. to keep her active. She is a lead photographer on the yearbook committee and a student-athlete, playing volleyball and softball. Outside of school, she enjoys helping out by working on com- munity service projects with friends and family.
Gabriel Lee Binder
"Photography is better than art; it is a solar phenom- enon in which the artist collaborates with the sun."
The sun is a willing collaborator. If you hunt for it, it will grant you private moments of its light. Brilliant rays and deep shadows play across our world’s surface in a celes- tial dance, waiting for us. I created these photographs while traveling in Italy with my brother. They are med- itations on the act of careful seeing, of patient concert with the sun.
Austin Brewin
Austin is a Berkeley photographer who grew up in the Boston area, drawing everything he saw. On discov- ering the camera to be a better tool than the pencil at capturing special moments, the path forward became clear. By his mid-teens, he had access to some gifted photographers, professional equipment (Speed Gra- flex), a Press Pass, and the hard-nosed assessments of press and yearbook editors to refine the skills, toughen the hide and curb the ego. The Boston Globe’s sports photography legend Paul McGuire’s personal interest and the vivid images in Life Magazine and Sports Illus- trated inspired and set goals to strive for.
The sun is a willing collaborator. If you hunt for it, it will grant you private moments of its light. Brilliant rays and deep shadows play across
our world’s surface in a celestial dance, waiting for us.
  Karen Barry
I have been an artist since day one. From as early as I can remember, art has been a very important part of my life. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but grew up in Colorado. After high school, I came back to the Bay Area, raised a family, and went to art school.
I have a curiosity bug and enjoy learning and exploring. My art is influenced by my travels, education, life expe- riences, love of the outdoors, and sense of humor. My site reflects some of my current artistic and creative endeavors. The meaning of life is the celebration of it.
– Gabriel Lee Binder
Since 1972, his sports work has appeared in Rugby Magazine. Other images have been published wide- ly. An exhibit held at the Healdsburg Library entitled Smoke Signals was acquired by the Healdsburg Muse- um and Historical Society.
His many successes and awards are a result of working with the people at PhotoCentral in Hayward, CA. They introduced this "Hero Shot" photojournalist to the world of fine art photography, including re-discovering Light, and how it reveals our universe. The camera is a wonderful tool to enable us to share our perception of the world with others. Special thanks to Kate and Geir Jordahl, Joe Decker, Oliver Klink, and Marco Zec- chin for their guidance and to the artists in the Berke- ley Camera Club for their expert advice, counsel, and patience.

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