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 Arlyn Christopherson
Born in San Francisco, I moved to "the country" near Petaluma with my family. At 10, I became the "family photographer" using grandma’s Brownie box camera. In the years to follow, I graduated to a 35mm cam- era, learning darkroom techniques at my local Junior College. As a new mom, I documented my children’s growth, disappearing into my bathroom/darkroom af- ter they were in bed.
I worked as an elementary school teacher in Oakland. Later, as Education Director for the Oakland Zoo, I traveled internationally, producing slide shows for use with my classes at the zoo.
My retirement came just as digital photography took off, and I took off too, delighting in the instant grati- fication my Nikon SLR offered me: press the shutter in the morning, download the images to my computer in the afternoon, print and show the results in the evening.
I began seriously honing my art and photographic skills taking classes and workshops from professional pho- tographers and joining the photographic family at Hay- ward’s PhotoCentral.
Nowadays, I do much of my work from a wheelchair, being pushed along a level trail by my daughter. My Nikon, with its 70‒300 lens, lets me play with compo- sition from wherever I find myself.
rooms from Binghamton, NY to Paris, France and from Brooklyn, NY to Boston, MA.
Denise then moved to California and produced very few images during her dry period from 2002-2006, also known as acupuncture school. Moving to the Bay Area in 2007, she became reacquainted with her love of pho- tography, bought a Canon Digital Rebel XSi and start- ed taking workshops and classes from acclaimed nature photographers Joe Decker and the late Rick Knepp.
Denise lives in Alameda with her husband Steve and their cats Spartacus and Cotton. When she’s not taking photographs, she is busy in her acupuncture offices in Alameda and San Francisco.
Guy Cohen
Guy Clement was born in Egypt in 1951 to a French Jewish Father (whose own father was a rabbi) and an Italian mother. His family moved to Paris (France) when he was five. From age six, his mother took him to mu- seums and exhibitions, developing a strong interest in the various types of artistic expression. As a university student, he graduated in Electrical Engineering. One of his favorite hang-outs in the heart of Paris were Les Halles, where the Centre George Pompidou Museum was created. He developed some of the earliest Com- puter-Aided Art, and several of his pieces were shown at the opening of the Museum in the early 70’s. In the fol-
 Nowadays, I do much of my work from a wheelchair, being pushed along a level trail by my daughter. My Nikon, with its 70-300 lens, lets me play with composition from wherever I find myself.– Arlyn Christopherson
 Denise Cicuto
Denise Cicuto finds beauty in things that are crum- bling, fleeting, and kept in arrested decay. She finds details that may be soon erased by wind, dust and time.
Denise has been taking photographs for almost 20 years. Good fortune came her way one day at a Mc- Donald’s in New York City when someone stole her Kodak disc camera. Yes, good fortune, because after a year without a camera, her mom bought her a Pentax K1000, her first single-lens reflex (SLR).
Time without a camera made her realize just how much she loved taking pictures. She spent many subsequent hours developing photos in bathrooms and real dark-
lowing years, he made a career in high-tech to support his art passion. He lived in Germany for several years and then returned to Paris, where he met his German wife, Marlene. After studying at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), B.U. (Boston University) and the fine arts at the College of San Mateo, Guy, and his wife adopted two daughters and settled in Emerald Hills near San Francisco, California, where they currently live.
Marlene Cohen
Marlene Cohen’s interest in photography goes back to 1976 when she was living in Paris. The combination of life in the French capital and having her own dark room

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