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 gave her challenging and wonderful opportunities to develop creatively.
She rediscovered her passion for photography again in 2014 going through the process of learning and adapt- ing to a digital environment. She attended classes at Canada College where she received outstanding sup- port by Hyla Lacefield, Assistant Professor, who helped her tremendously to make the transition to the digital environment.
Marlene loves to illustrate the diversity and beauty which surrounds us by capturing light and shadow. She exhibits her work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
PhotoCentral helped Pushpa polish her techniques and develop insights under the able and intuitive guidance of Kate and Geir Jordahl.
She was encouraged by them to try other arts. Now her medium is watercolor. "I am still learning the mind of watercolor. It is teaching me patience and joy of finding out what I did not previously envision. I find calm in the Covid19 life chaos when I am capturing images with my iPhone or using watercolor to emulate what I see and hopefully express..."
 I am still learning the mind of watercolor. It is teaching me patience
and joy of finding out what I did not previously envision.
– Pushpa Dalal
 Lisa D’Alessandro
Joe Decker
I always travel with my camera. It began with a life-changing circumnavigation of the world in my 20’s and continues today. For me, taking photographs of people where I travel is a way of enriching the experi- ence. I am drawn to places in transition that are steeped in tradition yet in great flux. Recent travels have includ- ed Cuba, Myanmar, Morocco, India, Bhutan, and Mon- golia.
Recently I traveled to India to the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It was interesting to photograph people making handicrafts the state is known for. I also pho- tographed the magnificent Marwari horses as they ran for us and the beautiful gypsies at the Pushkar Camel Festival.
Lisa has exhibited at the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College, the Mohr Gallery, and Photocentral. She was awarded an Honorable Mention for the Mike Ivanitsky Award for Photographic Excellence. She was also awarded the Award of Excellence and the People’s choice awards at PhotoCentral Spring Exhibitions.
Lisa was born in New Jersey. She received her under- graduate degrees from the University of Vermont and an MBA from the Wharton School. She had a career in marketing and strategy at Hewlett Packard.
Pushpa Dalal
Pushpa Dalal is a retired Obstetrician and Gynecolo- gist. She has been associated with PhotoCentral group for many years and still remembers vividly her first pri- vate lesson with Kate Jordahl!
Joe Decker is a nature photographer, author, and edu- cator living in Northern California. His work has been exhibited across the country from the Smithsonian to LACDA in Los Angeles, and he has been awarded artist residencies in Petrified Forest National Park, Iceland, Svalbard, Norway, Antarctica, and Greenland. He is the author of The Tuesday Composition, published by Flat- books Publishing.
Joe’s nature photography is a descendant of the West Coast school of landscape photography, showing influ- ences by such artists as Galen Rowell and Frans Lanting. Color, often intensely (but still accurately) saturated, is often a forward element of his work, while composition is often used to signify deeper, more personal levels of the captured experience.
Self-taught early in his photographic career, Joe began studying with other masters of nature photography in the late 1990s, including Galen Rowell, Richard Knepp, and Bill Atkinson.
Joe has been published widely, and he has received numerous awards and honors including: Granite and Snow, Little Lakes Valley was "highly honored" by the Nature’s Best Foundation at the Smithsonian National Museum of National History 2003.
Marcel De Kogel
Marcel De Kogel is a software architect and photog- rapher, originally from The Netherlands and currently living in Santa Clara, California.

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