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 be preserved, and wild animals and wild places can be protected for posterity.
My Dad was a deer hunter, as his son, I was expected to follow in his footsteps. After killing many birds, ground squirrels, and rabbits and deer in my teens, hunting was short-lived. Watching the light of life go out of a black-tailed buck’s eyes, I chose to preserve the lives of animals. This was a seminal moment in becoming the nature photographer I am today.
My father’s Ramrod Ranch, now mine, in the upper reaches of the Arroyo Seco Valley, Greenfield, Califor- nia, has become my beloved and sacred place, where I learned to love wildlife, and especially birds. I became fascinated with their beautiful sounds, their varied and gorgeous coloring, and their interesting bird behaviors.
I have cultivated a passionate desire to create nature images alive with beauty. Honing my photographic tal- ents, and developing my own artistic style, allows me to capture the majesty and sacredness of life.
Bruce Folck
Bruce has been showing work at PhotoCentral for over 30 years. He has been featured at Laney College and in Shutterbug magazine, and he has recently been on display at Truckee Airport.
Alice Fritz
Like many photographic artists I began taking pictures as soon as I was physically able to press the shutter. I fol- lowed family and friends around with my Brownie Star- mac II capturing snapshots of holiday gatherings, fa- vorite pets, and just anything that caught my eye. I then drove my parents crazy asking when photos would be back from the drugstore. I discovered the world of de- veloping and editing my own photos in my high school years. I have never forgotten the feeling of amazement and wonder I felt watching my images emerge from the chemical bath. Now in the digital age I still experience joyful anticipation watching my photos appear on my computer monitor.
I owe my first instructor at PhotoCentral, Richard Knepp, a large debt of gratitude. He used his own love of photog- raphy to inspire his students. Through Rick, I learned that photography is not just capturing a picture of a place or object. I learned that for me photography is more about seeing the light in the world both literal and figurative. Currently my photographic evolution continues aided by the tutelage and mentorship of another PhotoCentral instructor, Joe Decker. With Joe’s encouragement I am learning not to be afraid to follow my personal vision and to allow it to develop and change as I grow artistically. I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I am happy to move forward trusting in the creative process.
 I learned that for me photography is more about seeing the light in the
world both literal and figurative.
A camera bug as a kid, his first "real" camera was a Nikon 4004, which he took to Kenya and later Ecua- dor and the Galapagos Islands. He now sports a Nikon D7000 and Pentax 67II, which he took to Tanzania and later Bhutan. He insists on shooting film, which pres- ents challenges at airports.
Bruce’s current work involves architecture and death, as he explores a very special, but to-remain-unnamed facility constructed in the 1920’s to enshrine the cre- mains of our passing generations. This facility has a family connection on his mother’s side, where he was taken as a kid. Ignoring the ancestry, he was fascinated and delighted by the architecture and went running off to explore while she laid her flowers. Now his parents are there, and he has reconnected with the site and con- tinues to explore
– Alice Fritz
 Carolina Furque
Carolina Furque has worked as a freelance photogra- pher for "Clarín" and "Los Andes" in Argentina, and "Liberation" in France. Her photographs have been incorporated into the collections of the National Li- brary of France, Polaroid, the OSDE Foundation, the Casa Fader Provincial Museum, and numerous private collections. She has made individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Chile, France, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, and the Netherlands. In the last decade, she has participated in numerous art residen- cies such as - Cité International des Arts – France; NSAF – Vietnam; Hafnaborg – Iceland; Tanks Art Cen- ter – Australia; Pushkinskaya Art Center – Russia and PhotoCentral – Hayward, USA. She is currently resid- ing in remote Western Australia.

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