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 Denise Kreuzer
Denise Kreuzer is a San Francisco Bay Area native ex- hibiting her photography for only the second time. She received her first instant camera at the age of ten, fo- cusing on vacations and family gatherings. More than fifteen years ago, using her first 35mm camera, Denise started photographing her backyard garden, capturing the roses and hummingbirds. This experience sparked her heartfelt passion for the art of wildlife photography.
Working corporate finance for 38 years slowed the improvement of her skills in photography. Denise’s semi-retirement in 2018 allowed her to vigorously pursue her passion, advancing from a taker of pictures to a creator of photographic images. Since her full re- tirement in 2019, she has attended many trainings and workshops to improve her techniques in capturing light, looking for new perspectives for her compositions, and understanding the power of her camera equipment.
Denise enjoys the natural beauty of the outdoors, loves to travel, and can be found hiking, walking on the beach, visiting new places, and watching the beauty of the sun, moon, and stars with her new explorations in night photography.
Suzanne Lacey
Suzanne Lacey is a San Francisco Bay Area Photogra- pher who has had a love for photography as long as she can remember.
She took some photography courses at Chabot College right after graduating high school. Over the years, she has photographed many of her musician friends as well as her handmade jewelry.
Lala Mamedov
Capturing the transitional...
In my photography work, I seek to capture the essence of liminality - the forms of transition between the states of being, between the stages of life, between the times of day, or any other fleeting moments of transition that occur on a grand or a small scale. I am drawn to the con- cept of liminality because I feel that the most powerful and complex emotions are evoked at the point of trans- formation, a tipping point - wherever that point may occur. I am also fascinated by liminality because my life journey, and my photographic trajectory, are rich with transitions.
Quite a few years ago, growing up in Moscow, Russia, I was an avid photographer, armed with camera, and darkroom equipment that I used often.
I immigrated to U.S., adjusted to the American way of life, changed careers from academia to high-tech, got divorced, moved to California, completed my MBA, focused on my career...until many years later, my pas- sion for photography was re-ignited by - of all things - a Groupon for a photo workshop.
The past few years have been an exhilarating journey of photographic discovery. With many transitions behind me, and for sure even more ahead of me, I am acute- ly aware of the ephemeral nature of life, and I focus on fleeting moments of metamorphosis as I strive to cap- ture the daily celebrations of passage.
Richard Man
I am a photographer interested in fine arts, documenta- ry, portraits...well just about anything other than mac-
 I am addicted, to be clear, with the process of the ’how’ in images. The work of capturing images on film or digitally, developing, printing and finally exhibiting the result, my art, a Zen-like experience. – Marty Martinez
 A few years ago she picked up the camera again in ear- nest and has now decided to focus more on her creative side through imagery. Suzanne has and is continuing her education in photography at PhotoCentral and Foothill College.
Robin Lloyd
A bay area photographer, specializing in large format alternative process and vintage photographic equip- ment restoration
ros and sports. I do a lot of work for the communities I am involved in: I have been the official photographer for anime conventions (in particular, Anime Los Angeles), multiple Costumes CCons, multiple Worldccon’s Hu- gos, and Masquerade, and Nebulas.
Marty Martinez
I have been a student of photography for the better part of 50 years. I continue to experiment and work with it because I love the science of photographic discovery. I

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