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 and as a result the space between us was greater than the mandated six feet; yet I felt closer to them because we were documenting our physical distancing, while keep- ing our communal caring. New orders were issued, and I began "Sheltering in Place: Still Life Series" using objects from our home. A third series "Sheltering in Place While in a Dream State: The Carmen Stories" is a fictional narrative reflecting the bizarre dreams which infected people’s sleep; this series is illustrated with images from past shoots. Photographs selected for this book represent the three thematic iterations.
In 1983 after working several years as a photojour- nalist, publishing a series of books and producing two children Bill began his brewing career. He established Buffalo Bill’s, one of the nation’s first Brew Pubs which he operated until he sold it in 1994.
From 1993 to 1995 Bill published BEER the mag- azine. Moved by the spirits Bill went on to found The American Distilling Institute (ADI), the oldest and larg- est organization of small batch, independently owned distillers in the United States which he continues to lead and cultivate.
 Always interested in the illusion of depth and space in paint, the major challenge was to make this scene look wet; a reminder that the visual world around us is constantly presenting a mosaic of abstraction.
 Elizabeth Opalenik
– Tim Rice
Astonishingly, all the while Bill has continued to make, exhibit and sell his photographs. His work is in most major museums around the globe.
The Spring Book is the first publication to include his poetry.
Aphra Pia
Aphra Pia has been a photographer for over forty years and has a B.A. in Art and Interior Design. Her photo- graphic skill and vision were formed by working and teaching in both disciplines. Over the years, she has studied photography under such artists as Brigitte Car- nochan, Olivia Parker and Debora Blumefield and is continuously seeking new photographic challenges.
A California born artist, she always enjoys photograph- ing nature. In addition, she is an avid traveler, whose images incorporate new themes: unfamiliar animals, fantastic land and ice forms, old cultures and ethnic people.
Aphra’s photographs have won many awards. They have been exhibited in galleries, published in magazines and are held in numerous personal collections.
She is represented by Appel Gallery in Sacramento and
Susan Quinn
Susan Quinn is a juried member of The Guild of Cre- ative Arts. Her formal training in photography was at- tained at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, PA. For the past fifteen years, her work has been shown in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and Oregon. Currently
Elizabeth Opalenik lives and works in Oakland, Cali- fornia, but this peripatetic artist is often on the move. As a photographic artist, she believes that all good pho- tographs are self-portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams. A sought-after teacher, her 40 year career has found her teaching or making images on six continents, seeking the beauty and grace that exists within all things, especially women.
Whether digital or darkroom, her point of view has al- ways been "what if?" as she explores the unique world surrounding us all. Using photography as the visual voice for stories left behind, Elizabeth favors the hand- made image or papers. She prefers Mordançage with her signature veils of floating emulsion, carbon printing or creating with water in any fashion.
Elizabeth’s work is collected, published and exhibited internationally. In addition, Opalenik also travels with Medical Ministry International, documenting the proj- ects of eye doctors in Colombia, Bolivia and the Ama- zon. Elizabeth, following a life-long dream, published her first monograph, Poetic Grace-Elizabeth Opalenik Photographs 1979-2007 in 2007.
Bill Owens
A Short Biography
Bill Owens was born in San Jose, CA September 25, 1938. Bill with his cameras is known as the foremost chronicler of Suburbia, made famous with the publica- tion of his book by that name in 1972. It is hailed as one of the 100 most important Photo books.

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