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 Majid Sotoodeh
I first started taking part in PhotoCentral group shows in the early 90s. I grew up in the East Bay and started my photography interest when I was a kid with my first camera being a 110 and my first 35mm, a Pentax MV which I acquired in my early teens, both of which I still own. Currently, I mostly shoot with Nikon cameras, but I shoot in all formats including 35mm, both film and digital, Polaroid and 120mm. I graduated from Chabot College with an A.A. in Photography. Over the years I have displayed my work at Chabot College Art Gallery, Hayward City Hall, Faultline Photographics, Sabinos Coffee, PhotoCentral Gallery, as well as other places.
Joan Sperans
Joan is a prize-winning jeweler and metal smith. She taught art in the public schools of Philadelphia and San Mateo, and metal smithery at the college level. She made a mid- life career change to computer science where she worked for 28 years.
Joan now travels throughout the world with her camera so that she may capture the unique, poignant and col- orful subjects wherever she goes. She had always want- ed to visit Cuba and was rewarded with the country’s vibrant colors, highly creative art scene, the rhythmic music and dance, the food, and of course, the sweet, tal- ented, creative, inventive and industrious people.
ter and the manufacturing locus for legendary khukuri Gurkha knives. Many had served with the British Gur- khas in Malaysia, and sometimes in London. Often they returned and built nice houses in their villages along the trails. I tried to imagine their adjustment after arriving from London and then walking several days from the nearest road just to get home.
I had to rely on my rudimentary Nepali language ability and stayed with local families in their homes along my way. In one home a young son was running around in a tee shirt with a race car printed on the front. The race car seemed ridiculously out of place. I wondered if the kid had ever even seen a road. On a whim, I pointed to the shirt and asked him, "What’s that?" "Motor," he responded with a smile, using a Nepali word for car. "Ever seen one?" "No."
I feel my approach is best framed by Don Hewitt’s four words, "Tell me a story." Certainly, technique, compo- sition, artistic method, and technology are all import- ant, but when at their best they are inconspicuously subservient to a larger purpose.
Terry Stough
My Dad gave me my first camera when I was about 8 years old. It was my Grandmother’s old Brownie. It was a about a year later I went to the local camera shop and bought my first new camera, a Kodak Instamatic 44. I used and loved that camera for about 8 years.
 Photography is my love. Through it, I am learning about myself and the art of self expression. I have gone from being concerned with faithfully capturing a scene or situation through my lens, to wanting to evoke an emotional experience for my viewer.
 She is a docent at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco and serves on the steering committee to develop a mentor program at the Boys and Girls Club of the San Francisco Peninsula. She mentors a 16 year-old senior at Sequoia High School in Redwood City who just happens to be passionate about photography.
Michael Stewart
There were no roads in the foothills of the remote part of eastern Nepal when I trekked there in the 1970s- there were no other trekkers, either. A large propor- tion of the Gurkha soldiers came from those hills. The low-lying town of Dharan was a major recruiting cen-
– Mike Thompson
I was friends with the school/local newspaper photog- rapher in high school. He introduced me to the dark- room. I saved all my money and when I turned 18, I went back to the local camera store and bought my first 35mm range finder. I quickly decided I wanted a SLR and sold my rangefinder and purchased a Pentax K1000 with 50mm lens.
After moving to the Hayward area, I saw the Hayward Area Recreation District catalog and signed up for my first real classes on photography and darkroom. While in my first camera class, Kate convinced me to buy Nikon and the rest is history.

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