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 of Washington and Oregon. Rain on our first day of the drive begat two nice photos which are here in the show. The lighthouse at Cape Disappointment and an incredible storm cell off shore at the moment of sunset. It was a total guess as to where we were along the beach near the Twin Rocks until we popped out of the bushes lining the shore boundary of the beach. And then there were those 3 beach combers!
In early December, 2019 we were in San Antonio, Texas with some friends from Ohio. Driving back to San Antonio from Fredericksburg, Texas we stopped at Luckenbach, Texas. Population about 3 when the tourists have gone home. In that evening the Christ- mas lights were already up and lit. Two trees stood out to my eyes. A Texas Christmas tree with a motorcycle beneath it. And the shade tree for the old Post Office. The photos I got make a nice diptych.
Sim Warkov
Born in Chicago, raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Sim Warkov, a sociology professor retired from the Uni- versity of Connecticut in 1996, moved to the Bay Area and took up movement and dance with Anna Halprin. He tried his hand at poetry two years later and has been at it ever since. His work appears in anthologies and journals, He published his first collection of poems, Reaching, in 2006, followed by Thin Soils (2009) and Grandchildren (2011).
Frederick L. Watkins II
Born in Oakland, Frederick Watkins is a native Califor- nia creative. Like most Bay Area breeds, he is a student of visual and liberal arts. Self-taught, in the field of pho- tography, starting at the very wise age of eight. By age
to learn. His art is in his craft, putting his craft into his work, and in his work, you find his heart.
Frances Williams
Many of my images are manipulated and have added colors, backgrounds, textures, filters, to make the im- age my own. My goal is to show the beauty in Nature, both flora and fauna, to make people aware of the nat- ural world.
Beth Zuckerman
In September of 1991, my boyfriend, Eric Zuckerman took me to Stockbridge, Massachusetts in time for the fall colors, handed me the camera, and showed me how to use it. I had taken a college course called "The Physics of Light and Art" so I already had a basic understanding of how cameras captured light. My father had taught me to love hiking in the Adirondacks and my nature-loving grandmother had ensured that I was well-supplied with magazines from National Geographic and the National Wildlife Federation, instantly enchanting me with the idea of making images of nature myself. Eric began teaching me about composition. We married in 1991 and relocated to California in 1993, and have been trav- eling and taking pictures together ever since.
In 2000, Eric and I planted our roots in Berkeley CA. We are so fortunate to have been able to make our home within a day’s drive of amazing photographic beauty that our adopted state provides. California is incredible.
In 2008, Eric and I developed a fascination with volca- noes and have been touring the earth’s volcanoes ever since. We’ve explored the snow-capped peaks of the Cascades, the glaciated mountains of Alaska, the steam-
 Frederick finds Zen in riding his creative dragon wherever it may fly.... His art is in his craft, putting his craft into his work, and in his work,
– Frederick L. Watkins II
ing geysers of Yellowstone, the crystalline icebergs in Iceland, and the roaring vents of Whakaari/White Is- land on the North Island of New Zealand. We all want to use our photography to show beautiful places, but I also want to use my art to illustrate the geologic details of the world around us and explain their importance.
you find his heart.
 13, he was enamored with music, cinema, photography, and technology to list a few interests. After high school, Frederick began seriously diving into video production, image-making, and music production. He has now been a working artist for the greater part of 25 years, with the majority of his artisan being photography. Frederick finds Zen in riding his creative dragon wherever it may fly. Overflowing with years of collective knowledge and experience, he has a passion for teaching to any wanting

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