Page 28 - Spring Book 2020: Finding Peace in a Restless World
P. 28

   Ohlone – Paradise Forgotten
Two thousand years have I rested, Pleased to know I stayed near my home, Near the oak trees, source of the acorns That enriched our lives,
Near the creek beds of fish and frogs And life source fresh water.
Near the hills for deer
And pelts and claws of the raccoon, Bobcat, mountain lion, grizzly.
Near the bay of fish and seals and shells, Paddling our reed boat to other villages, For trade and community.
But now my peace is no more!
My bones, remnants of my life,
Broken and unearthed
By noise, by movement,
By a monster pushing its way
through my repose,
Shoving me aside,
as if I never existed!
A glimpse above reveals only
Strange, hard substances—
A hotel I hear—
Whatever that means?
Gone are the villages,
The campfires,
The feasts on nature’s bounty.
Gone are my peace,
My lifestyle,
My people!
Bruce Roberts
*In 2019, ancient bones were discovered beneath Hayward’s Green Shutter Hotel.

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