Page 88 - Spring Book 2020: Finding Peace in a Restless World
P. 88

  Sounds at the Shore
The ocean summons me
like drums to a dance.
I walk out to the wet sand
to see the shimmering tiny pebbles teased by the foamy undertow. The waves rush from different directions racing to break
in full thunder one after another
then swishing against the wet sand.
I inhale the morning air, moist, charged with the constant roar.
In an instant I am a child again
in another place, another time
toes squishing the wet sand
and my eyes scouring the shore
for tiny shells rushing away
with the receding water.
My little fingers fumbling
but they are slippery, fast disappearing until the next wave brings
them back to me for another chance.
A child rushing against the tide getting wet by the cool Pacific waters, my mother by my side taking
a deep breath, more like a sigh
with each receding wave.
She loved the sea,
As life’s elixir.
My love for the ocean began here,
this long ago shore
where the sounds, the salty smell permeates my being forever.
Here alone, I capture
the solace and the joys the dancing
sea brings to my shores.
Marcela Griffin

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